Pictures of Children who have received Pillows

Below are pictures of children from Carilion Childrens Hospital that have received "Pillows from Heaven". I ask that you please keep each one of these children in your prayers as they are each facing a battle of some sort.

This, of course, is Heaven with her Pillow. The pic I had of her at the hospital with her pillow was to dark so we improvised and took one at home.
This little man Stephen, I think is 8, here received his pillow while Heaven and I were away from the hospital. After he seen the excitement on his son's face,  his Dad proceeded to make a donation right there on the spot to keep the pillows coming for these kids. He was excited to hear of what we were doing for the kids.

Beth is the young girl in the hat, she has A.L.L. and received one of our pillows while getting chemo treatments at Carilion Childrens Hospital. Her family is now transferring her to a hospital closer to home. I think she is done with her treatments for now.YAY!!! When I first met Beth, I could see the same ways in her as I saw in my daughter Heaven. I am sad that she will be leaving and we will miss seeing her at the hospital and Clinic. She is a sweet young lady and I am glad that Heaven was able to meet her.

The young lady in the pink is Emily. She lives about 30 minutes east of Heaven and while in the hospital receiving chemo treatments she received one of our pillows. Emily is a girly girl and sweet as chocolate. She loves pocket books and hanging out with her twin brother (who keeps watch over her). Emily has A.L.L., but she has had a tough road to follow, at only 15 she has had a stroke, which is why she uses a wheel-chair. She is tough and she is fighting like a girl.

Not sure of this little fellas name but I was told that he loves Spiderman. He definately loved his pillow.

This little girld name is Abigail and her sweet little smile tells it all.