Monday, April 23, 2012

New Name but Same Address

We have decided to change the name to Pillow Cases from Heaven due to the fact that it is getting very hard to get poly-fil fiber for the pillows and also in the small storage closet at the hospital there is only little room and lots of fluffy pillows take up alot of room, so therefore, we will use up what poly-fil that we have for pillows, but after that we will start making Pillow Cases which doesnt' require a lot of space. Also, not only will they be made for the Pediatric Floor at the Hospital, they will also be made for the Hem/Onc Clinic for all the kids that have an appointment they can pick out a pillow case and the Nurse can place in on the pillow for them. This will require alot less space and more children will benefit from all of this hard work.

So, to let you all know, we thank you for all you have sent and it certainly has been used for the children, but have run out of boy friendly fabrics yet if you could send more fabrics that would be greatly appreciated. I have some girl friendly fabrics left but I can always use both and I suppose there are just as many boys as there are girls. Also, if you decide to send us some poly-fil fiber to stuff some pillows we will gladly do so and distribute them to the children. Thanks again for helping and doing all that you have done thus far. May Christ richly bless each of you.

Here are a few pics of some of the pillow case we have already made and are at the Clinic being passed out.....

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