Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blessed today.....

Today, my family and I received a call from another family member and they informed us that my husbands mother had a stroke and was being air lifted to Roanoke Memorial. After we arrived,i decided to go and visit one of the oncology kids that were in PICU...while there, I was escorted to meet one of the parents of a child who had received a pillow...they were so thankful and continued to tell me how their daughter just kept smiling after she received it. That is what its all about!!! The smiles that these pillows put on the faces of children, they also bring color to the rooms and make them more cheery. Well, after that I had left and went outside to my vehicle and upon coming back in I was stopped by a NA that was escorting a parent and her son outside and she also wanted to meet me and her son came up and told me "Thank You", so sweet to hear the kids say this. Thank you all who help make this possible because they are not only thanking me, they are also thanking all of you. Lord, if it be your Will, this will continue on.

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