Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Donations...Clinic Pics added

Thank you all so much for supporting "Pillows from Heaven" there are more donations coming in just about daily. It is such a blessing to be blessed to be a blessing. lol. Praise the Lord. Please continue letting Christ speak to your heart about donating for this cause. We will continue to make these pillows for all the kids at the hospital.

If you would like to take your donating a little further, you can help by clicking on the link below. This is where Heaven receives her chemo treatments and this is also where I spend my time making pillow for the children. Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day. :-)

This pic is of the Clinic waiting room. it is so kid friendly, so kid friendly that the adults act like kids.
This is one of those adults acting like a kid. lol. Hey, I give a all new meaning to a corn dog. hahaha
 This is a message from Samantha, Heavens big sister, to all of the girls.....Love it!!!
 In this pic is Heaven and Beth. It was neat, when we arrived, Beth and her Mom was walking in for her treatment right in front of us.
 Then, when we all got inside, we came to find that Emily was there to....sweet!!! It was great for all 3 of the girls to get together for a few moments.
 Here is Heaven before Benadryl.....
 Here is Heaven after Benadryl.....for 4 hours she was conked out with only a 25mg dose

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